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1. Update frequency?

        The GFSAT will update monthly according to the GO and GOA's update.

2. Did not find your interested species ?

        Until now, Unoprot-GOA has a collection of 338700 species in total( UniProt-GOA version 108, released on 16 May, 2012 ). We can not list all of them at one time for the reason that each species attracts different degree of researching attention. If you did not find your interested species in the "Species" list, you can email to Xu Yungang with the content of the taxon name and taxon number of the sepecies to add the species and you will receive a satisfactory answer within 48 hours. Any information about Taxon you can refer to Uniprot-Taxonomy.

3. The types of ID GFSAT recommanded

         Currently, GFSAT only identify seven numerical GO ID, such as "0043229" and the UniprotKB gene or protein AC/ID, such as "A0A762" . Nevertheless, any other form of ID can easily be convert to UniprotKB AC/ID by using ID Mapping .

If you have any problem of running GFSAT, please contact Prof. Guo Maozu, Xu Yungang