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Gene Functional Similarity Analysis Toolkits

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About GFSAT 1.0

What is GFSAT?

       GFSAT is a web tool that can be used to Analysis the functional similarity of genes in the forms of "two genes", "two gene groups ", and "pairwise gene groups" based on GO Annotation(GOA) and GO semantic similarity measurements. The measurements ultilized by this GFSAT 1.1 are SSDD, simUI and G-SESAME now. Soon, more and more algorithms will be integrated into.

Why GFSAT was born?

       Benefitting from the high-throughput, large-scale experiments and statistics coupled with computer analysis methods, gene function studies have turned from single gene to gene network. In addition to protein-protein interaction network (PPIN), gene regulatory network (GRN), metabolic network (MN),signal transduction network (STN) and so on, a new gene network based on gene functional association has been born, namely Functional Gene network (GFN) , in wich mearsuring the functional similarity of genes is the most critical part. GFSAT was born to do so based on GOA.


GFSAT can be accessed alternatively at

Cite GFSAT : Yungang Xu, Maozu Guo, Wenli Shi, Xiaoyan Liu, Chunyu Wang. A novel insight into Gene Ontology semantic similarity. Genomics (2013)101(6): 368-375. DOI: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2013.04.010

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